Interesting Facts About Santa Clara California

Santa Clara California is the 9th most populous city in San Francisco Bay area. It was founded in 1777 and later incorporated in 1852. Thousands of travelers flock the city every year to explore the economic diversity and physical attractiveness. We started our plumbing business in Santa Clara California in 1998. Santa Clara was our very first location and acts currently as our home-base.

Here is what you need to know about Santa Clara.


This city receives Mediterranean climate due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean. The entire valley runs from north to south and is ridged by Diablo Range on the East. Additionally, the Santa Clara is drained by three seasonal creeks- Saratoga, San Tomas Aquino, and Calabazas Creek. The city covers 18.4 square miles and all of it is land.

Population and Demographics


Santa Clara is the 226th largest city in the U.S and has a total population of 122,725. The 2010 census revealed that the population density is 6667 per square meter which is more than the national average. It’s estimated that 56% of residents are married and have a median age of 34. There are 45,000 households and more than 50% of the residents live in the city.

You’ll find that the largest population is white people. The ethnic makeup is 45% white, 2.7% African American, 13.6% Indian, 6.2% Filipino, 3.9% Vietnamese, and 3% Korean. The census also revealed that 48% of residents speak English while 12% speak Spanish. Other than that, 41% of Santa Clara residents are born in California while 15% are born out of state.


In Santa Clara, there are long summers and short winters. Throughout the year, the temperature varies from 43 degrees F to 80 degrees F. If you want to visit the city for warm-weather activities, you should visit late June or early September. Most of the annual rainfall is in January. Lastly, the city receives precipitation 37 days every year.

Economy and Employment rate

mission house in santa clara

There are 9 counties that contribute to Santa Clara economy. Each has an unemployment rate of less than 5 percent. Some of the top employers in the city include California’s Great America, EMC Corporation, Santa Clara University, Avaya Inc., Intel, Applied Materials, and ON Semiconductor. While they all contribute to economic growth, the city also owns Silicon Valley Power. On average, it produces 147 megawatts of electricity to the city residents. This, in turn, makes the cost of electricity to be relatively lower than that offered by Northern California.


Santa Clara Unified School District serves Santa Clara, North San Jose, and small portions of Sunnyvale. This city is also home to elementary school, 19 K-8, and high schools which are named after former ranchers. Other notable schools include Buchser Middle School, Bracher Elementary School, Santa Clara High School, and Wilcox High School.

Some of the private schools that have earned some reputation include Saint Clare School, Granada Islamic School, Stratford School, and Sierra Elementary school. And for those looking forward to joining high education facilities, they can choose between Santa Clara University and Golden State Baptist College. There are also many special schools that can accommodate children with special needs.


With so much to do in this city, you need ways of moving from one place to the other. If you intend to use public transport, you can use ACE Commuter service which operates in the morning and evening. It starts its journey from San Joaquin Valley and makes two stops in Santa Clara. Alternatively, you can move from one location to another via VTA buses. Better still; the city has 23.6 miles of bike lanes and 9.3 miles of recreational paths. Santa Clara is located close to major airports like Oakland and San Francisco International Airport.


Santa Clara sponsors more than 19 teams including basketball, baseball, football, golf, Hockey, Gymnastics, Soccer, Lawn Balling, Tennis, and more. Silicon Valley Central has more than 300 days of sunshine every year making it the perfect venue for all these games. Other notable sporting facilities include Stephen Scott Stadium, Buck Shaw Stadium, and Santa Clara’s Leavey Center. In 2014, Santa Clara was the home to the 49ers football team.

In March 2015, Levi’s stadium hosted WrestleMania 31. Levi stadium is located between the Convention Center and the great American park. Every year, it hosts Major League Soccer match. San Jos, on the other hand, is home to San Jose Sharks, a professional ice hockey team and minor league baseball team. Other famous local teams include San Jose Giants and Jose Sabacats. You’ll also find numerous golf courses and recreational outlets. The local theme parks for children and adults include Gilroy Gardens, California Great America, and Santa Clara County Fair. In total, the city operates 28 parks, including scenic lakes and biking trails.

Local museums and Art Galleries

Santa Clara is one of the few cities that have embraced modern heritage while keeping up with the demands of the modern world. One of the most visited museums is South Bay’s free museum of art and History. It was founded in 1955 and is adjacent to Santa Clara University Campus. Its collections focus on six main areas including decorative arts, painting and sculpture, and liturgical vestments. Another museum that has put emphasis on arts is the Triton Museum. It exhibits historical California works of art and encourages gender inclusiveness.

If you want to discover how technology has changed the world, you should visit the Intel museum. It’s located off Highway 101 in Santa Clara. It was opened in 1992 but later expanded in 1999. This museum exhibits how chip technology works and has grade school educational programs. The 10,000 square feet museum also offers interactive learning for children. Other local museums include Rosicrucian and Children’s discovery museum. Santa Clara California is nicknamed the Mission City.

Points of interest

One of Santa Clara’s meeting venues is the Santa Clara Convention Center. It was built in 1986 and has a meeting space of 262,000 square feet. Another eye-catching area is our Lady of Peace Shrine. The 32-feet statue can be viewed from highway 101. It was erected in 1983, and 35 years later the statute is still one of the most sought religious figures in the U.S. That said, the statue maintains the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and is a focal point for people seeking spiritual nourishment.

Santa Clara has many natural amenities making it one of the best areas to live and work in the U.S. Its home to 2 renowned art museums, attractions, and has first-class hotels. This is a must-visit location the next time you’re in San Francisco bay area. Whether you’re traveling there for business or pleasure, you can spend your day exploring the beautiful city.

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